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    Shafik N.B.

    Artist. Researcher. Entrepreneur

    A tech savvy, socially aware, teaching artist who loves the outdoors!

  • Shafreaq

    My Creative Alter-Ego

    Actor & Writer

    Film. TV. Theater. Open Mic

    Visual Artist

    Sketches. Ceramics. Paint. Photography


    Producer. Percussionist. MC/DJ

  • The Collective

    Dance, Music, and Community at Play Soothes the Soul

    Today we constantly find ourselves in isolation; whether at the gym, in yoga class, at work, during our commute, or even at home. We may be surrounded by people but how often do we actually have meaningful interactions with them?


    The Collective is a workshop about communal expression in a safe space through music with live percussion, movement, improvisation, and sharing. Come prepared to move and share within your personal level of comfort in a judgement free zone.

    You will leave this class feeling energized and good about life.


    Loneliness Article


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  • Under R&D for over a decade, a system has been designed that is like a photomosaic representative of society; based on balancing academia, economics, governance, religion, and media.


    Wapps is the focus for now, which will lay the foundation to properly networking humanity .

    Web & App Solutions

    Connecting & Analyzing Through "The Cloud"

    Dream. Execute. Work

    Thriving for an Artisticated Educatocracy


    Securities. Real Estate. Private Equity

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